Go-getter Days

Get Shiz Done: 1 Day Program

What is our Go-getter day program all about?
Business can be brutal and the daily to-do list unrelenting. Do you ever feel like you are busy, overwhelmingly so, but you know you’re not working on the right thing? Are you not getting the revenue or results your hard work should reflect?
I hear all the time from women who run their own business that in the day-to-day of working in their business they can’t find the time to step out of the daily operations and focus deeply on those things that drive their business:


  • Strategic thinking
  • Planning
  • Mapping the experiences of their employees and of their audiences;
  • Creating new services, products, programs; or
  • Blue sky thinking.
How good would it feel to step away from your business and work ON it instead of getting caught up in the reactivity of the every day?

Imagine how it would feel to achieve the clarity and confidence that comes with knowing you have set yourself up for success with a workload you control, rather than it being in control of you?

Go-getter – Get Shiz Done 1 Day Program

My Go-getter Get Shiz Done Program is designed to help women who run their own business to create a clear path to achieve the goals and results you deserve- in one, action-packed day:

  • Step out for a day and get REAL practical shiz done
  • Lock in your plans for the quarter in actionable, scheduled steps;
  • Move past juggling all the balls to a feeling of confidence, buoyed by a crystal-clear action plan.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Homework prior to the day to ensure that you are working on the very best thing for you, for right now;
  • Time and space to step out of the daily operations to think, create, play and plan;
  • A closed Go-getter Facebook group to connect in with women you will spend the day with where you can ask questions, get feedback and share insights;
  • Networking with like-minded women;
  • Full catering – gorgeous morning and afternoon tea and lunch;
  • Access to my “Queen’s Parlour” for individualised support and common sense checking;
  • A fabulous business book to take home with you;
  • An action plan for the quarter ahead for you to take home and implement;
  • My Keep. Stop. Start plan to take home and put into action.

This program is ideal for people who:

  • Struggle to step away from their business
  • Love being busy but know they need to take a step back to focus or plan
  • Really want to nail down a new service, product, process or launch
  • Want space to think, do and create, surrounded by like-minded women


Where: Vibe Hotel, CBD, Melbourne
2022 Dates: 23rd June, 15th September
Investment: $497 plus GST per session
Time: 10:00 am – 4:00pm
$497.00 ex. GST

In stock

$497.00 ex. GST

In stock

Here’s what some Go-getters said about their recent experience:


“I have been taking part in Emma’s monthly Go-Getters programme and for once I have really worked on my business. It’s has helped me understand how setting time aside to focus on your business really does help it excel. I would recommend Emma’s services to anyone who really wants to see growth within their business.”


“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the bubbly and insightful Emma McQueen. Being a part of the ‘Go-Getters’ program has elevated my business to amazing new heights. Her encouragement and wealthy ideas to ‘get things done’ has enabled me to work smarter and not harder. Each session I get so much more than what I was expecting! Plus her book is full of business goodness. Thanks so much Emma. “