Do you love your work? Are you getting the results you desire?
I work with women to help them move from overwhelm and inaction to clarity and results, to be paid their worth whilst doing work they love.
I believe we all have untapped potential. The women I work with are capable of incredible things and my job as their coach is to help them unlock their potential.

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Jaqui Clark

Holly Cardamone
Blue 51 Communications

Nicolle Knox
Indulgence Medi Spa

Lisa Stafford
AJ Stafford Property Services & Home Styling

Melitta Hardenberg

I’ve been coached by Emma for the past year and when it came time to review this arrangement, it was a no-brainer for me to sign up for another 12 months! Emma keeps me accountable, believes in me, and pushes me outside of my comfort zone. She is warm, approachable and caring, yet isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions. Without Emma’s support and guidance I wouldn’t have had the courage to take the risks that have been necessary for me to grow my business. I now feel more motivated and invigorated than I have in years. I’m thrilled with the growth that I have seen in my business over the past 12 months, and I have no doubt that my business coaching with Emma has made a huge difference. I would recommend Emma without hesitation!

Caroline Burrows
Mindful Living

I participated in a coaching program, managed by Emma. This was an extremely worthwhile program, with Emma offering coaching and advice, which differed from traditional training programs. Utilising a combination of one-on-one sessions, phone conversations, educational articles and books and group sessions with like minded peers, this coaching program offered so much more than I anticipated. Emma tailored the program to suit outcomes guided by my needs. Emma’s enthusiasm and professionalism provided a great learning environment and encouraged me to think outside the box. I would highly recommend Emma and her customised coaching sessions.

Lucy Flanders
Senior Project Coordinator – ProBuild

As a new manager, it can be difficult to step away from being a technical expert, and start a new journey of discovering your innate management style and capability. Emma was able to help me step up to the challenge by providing coaching, and support based on a genuine interest in my career and in me as a person. Emma has a way of knowing what questions to ask, to understand the real issues and to help push you outside your comfort zone, even when you think you’re not ready!

Nandita Kohli
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist – ME Bank

Emma McQueen offers something no-one else seems to offer – real, practical strategies to get me moving in my business.

Nicole Vine
The Thinking Woman’s Stylist

Before I hired Emma as my business coach, I was feeling uncertain and lacking in confidence. Emma encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and gave me ongoing support whilst I did. She shared insights and knowledge that allowed me to try new things and helped me stay focused on my goals. I have a clearer direction to where I’m heading, I am more confident in who I am and what I do, and I have connections with other like-minded women. Emma is creative and innovative with ideas, and is brilliant at helping you utilise what you already have to maximise your growth and earning potential.

Megan Jaworski
Director- Megan Jaworski

Working with Emma will be one of the most memorable, life changing and crucial decisions you will ever make when it comes to getting the most out of your business, personal life and achieving your future goals. Emma’s passion and desire in helping others is nothing short of spectacular and displayed with her amazing clear, logical and forethinking views. Emma will leave you energised, refocused and ready to hit your targets and reach your next big goals.

Gabi Burong
Director – Settlement Box

Emma has been my executive coach since mid 2018 and she has been a great asset to my professional life. Having someone like Emma who is experienced, professional and outside of my organisation to speak with about professional challenges and future career plans has been invaluable. Prior to working with Emma, I was working through a number of decisions including career path and management of difficult conversations as well as the need to better establish boundaries. Since working with Emma and taking on her advice, I have successfully built on broader skill sets and really ‘leant’ into new opportunities as well as stretch, strategic projects. Emma’s ability to asks the right questions has helped me to look at problems in different ways. Her advice and techniques encouraged me to take on new and rewarding career challenges. I value her insights and recommend her services!

Grace Ng
Manager-Commonwealth Treasury

Emma McQueen is smart, insightful and results driven. She asks the hard questions and really encouraged me to dig deep to not only find what I wanted, but how to get there as well. Our coaching sessions were online, which worked brilliantly for me and I found at the end of our sessions I felt not only revitalised and empowered but through Emma’s support and guidance I found the direction I needed to make decisions towards my business goals. Emma is a wonderful coach.

Lisa Fraser

Emma and I have worked together through my journey from team leader to director over many years and I have come to appreciate her skills in honing the mindset, positioning and leadership shifts that have occurred in each transition. Having Emma as an executive coach for a complex and significant project was one of the highlights of my career as it honed my skills, added new capability into my leadership style that outworks across many facets of my life, not just work. Emma is a highly valued coach and mentor who I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who wants the best outcomes to meet their career objectives.

Drew Hart
Head of Fundraising Services – Plan International Australia

I engaged Emma to help me work through some ideas and business planning to grow my business. Emma is extremely approachable and practical in her approach and is great to work with. She isn’t afraid to challenge you and ask the hard questions which is just what I needed. I would thoroughly recommend Emma as a Business Coach to any small business owners keen to find a sounding board to bounce ideas off and to help with their business growth.

Leah Lambart
Founder – Relaunch Me

Having Emma supporting and backing me on my business journey has been fantastic. Emma is a smart, business-minded, ‘in the now,’ positive and loving woman who encouraged me to become the best version of myself. Those pushes in the right direction and ideas she provided had me understanding exactly the intention and the outcomes I would get and clarity around the why’s. I found after each session with Emma, I left her with an eagerness and fresh outlook on my next turns and I knew exactly which way to go. Thank you Emma  👊  So happy I found you.

Claudia Brdar
Owner – The Renovate Avenue

Emma has been a significant support to me as I have transitioned in my career, providing exceptional coaching, encouragement and powerful insights to help propel me forwards and boost my self-confidence. Her understanding of women, mothers, careers and the often complex juggle of our lives makes her a stand out and fiercely unique. Emma is committed to valuing and advocating women’s contributions in the workplace including working mums who at times need to juggle part-time and flexible working arrangements. Emma truly gets it because she lives it! Her genuine empathy and high emotional intelligence make her a reliable and trusted person and I would recommend Emma as a professional coach to anyone looking for support to help them transition and take that next fulfilling step both in their career and life. I’ve always said that Emma makes you feel better than a cup of coffee or glass of wine and I truly mean it. She will give you some of her unstoppable heart if you let her in.

Emma Martin
Head of Partnerships – Thriving Communities Partnership

When I think of Emma as a person, I think of a hard-working, driven mentor, that is authentic and always able to see the big picture and cut through any bull. When I think of Emma as a coach I think of someone not scared to ask hard questions that have forced me to reflect on what’s really holding me back in my career and life goals. I came to coaching slowly and with some scepticism. I had thought, ‘Why pay someone to tell me what I already know?’ I felt I just needed to motivate myself. Well, I tried to do the work myself for a few years and felt like I was going backwards. I was struggling to get that lift in my career and I was beginning to lose confidence in my ability. So, I decided to bite the bullet and try it out. Now, I’m fully converted. Within just three months Emma had lifted my game and I’d found a new job, a role I wouldn’t have dreamed of applying for four months earlier and I’m now working with Emma to become the awesome leader I know I can be! If you’re looking for that lift up, I advise you to book in a time to chat with Emma to see where you need to start.

Tracy Bell
CIO – Australian Conservation Foundation