Thriving women


Thriving Women is for women in business. It’s for women who work in organisations, in middle or senior management or in leadership and wish to bring clarity and direction to both themselves personally and to their business unit, departments or organisation. It’s for women who wish to step into their potential and do it with a group of women all cheering for them.

My Thriving Women program was born from my passion for community over competition. Through my coaching work I noticed that not only were clients looking for a coach, but many were looking for connection and professional development and learning opportunities. I wanted to create a program that facilitates women both giving and receiving support and collegiality, a community where amazing women can connect, be inspired and learn. Enter Thriving Women!

After three successful years, Thriving Women is now entering its fourth year. We have seen some amazing results from our Thriving Women in 2021 and we can’t wait to do it all again. 


WHAT’S Included?

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Individual tailored sessions for the unique challenges in your business or organisation.

Clarity Session

We will get clear on the what and the how of our sessions.

Start of year and Mid year Retreat

3 day overnight retreat plan your year and quarter.

2 day overnight retreat to check progress of goals

Go-getter sessions

We work ON your business, rather than IN your business, open to the public.


Networking dinners

6 private dinners to connect, celebrate, learn and get inspired.

Day with the Queen

Two tickets to a day of inspiration and networking with like minded women.

Personally selected business books

Professional Development Workshops

SOS call


When does it happen?

Thriving Women is a twelve month program for women in Melbourne. It’s about true collaboration, learning, growth and networking with a tight knit group.




10 Dinner

17-19 Retreat One


4 Workshop

24 GoGetter session – online


7 Dinner


13 Workshop


9 Dinner

23 GoGetter Day


21 – 22 Mid – year retreat


11 Dinner


15 – GoGetter Day


6 Dinner

21 Day with the Queen


11 Workshop


1 GoGetter session – online

8 Dinner

IS Thriving women for you?

  • You feel you have more potential that could be unlocked given the right support
  • You have lost joy, spark or motivation for your work
  • You feel burnt out and tired all the time and would love to feel inspired again
  • You were clear on your offering when you launched but somewhere along the way you became everything to everyone
  • There is no clarity in your business
  • Your revenue has dropped or plateaued
  • You are working within an organisation in a middle or senior role and want to progress your career
  • You have huge goals for your career and know that you need to combat that pesky inner critic, learn to influence or be a better leader.


Julie Doyle

“Let me tell you, Emma McQueen is the real deal. I had followed Emma for a long time before reaching out at a time when I could not see the wood for the trees in my business. I still can’t exactly ‘label’ what Emma has done for myself and my business, but she helps lift the fog and helps me to move forward in ways that I had never even considered in the past. I can honestly say that bringing Team McQueen on board in my business was the one of the best decision I have made.”

Karen Andrea

“The support I have received from the Thriving Women group has been the missing piece I had been searching for as a business owner.
A group of women that truly have your back and inspire so much motivation, passion and drive to create anything you want to achieve.”

Fi Mims

“Joining Thriving Women has been an incredible experience this year. I have loved everything about it, but the biggest stand out factor has been the support offered by Emma. She is just so invested in each of us, and it shows. And of course the surprise and delight she throws at us spontaneously through the year is an amazing bonus.”

Nicolle Knox

“Emma has given me amazing advice, she is enthusiastic, she’s motivating, and has made me believe in myself and that I can achieve whatever I want to achieve”

Lisa Stafford

“Thriving Women is about finding the power from within and embracing that, it’s inspiring and motivating “

Melitta Hardenberg

“I wanted someone who would call me on my bullshit, really challenge me. I wanted a network I could connect with, my own tribe, a cheer squad, hold the mirror up, high calibre of amazing women. If you want to accelerate and get results quickly I don’t think you can look anywhere else”


Payment Options: Upfront Investment $4,000 + GST to secure your place

with 10 x monthly payments of $1200 + GST from February to November 

For those early birds out there, a 10% discount if you sign up prior to 15th October 

The 2022 program is FULL. 

There is no need to go it alone in 2023. Want connection, coaching and inspiration? Thriving Women is for you.