Corporate Success Coaching

Many women move through their career following a path they established very early in their career, and one which may no longer be appropriate nor even necessary. Some may find themselves in a role they have no passion for or work that is far removed from that which lights them up. Others may have achieved significant career milestones, but feel as though they just don’t quite know what they want to do next, career-wise. Others may feel that their potential is untapped but lack the perspective and clarity to take themselves to new career heights.
As an ex-recruiter, I have a unique standpoint and a tried and tested process to help women find their dream role. My corporate success coaching services are ideal for women who wish to:

  • Move up the corporate ladder
  • Progress through their careers in a manner that is aligned to their purpose and their passion.

Regardless of whether you’d like to change your current role to find one that’s more you, or if it’s time to step up to a bigger role to embrace leadership, my corporate success coaching will create clarity to use your passion, find your purpose and get paid your worth.

Don’t just take my word for it; here’s what some of my corporate success coaching clients have said about working with me:

Emma’s advice was invaluable and her encouragement and guidance were pivotal in my achieving a great next step in my career.
Within just three months of working with Emma, I had lifted my game and found a new job; a role I wouldn’t have dreamed of applying for four months earlier.
Emma has been a significant support to me as I have transitioned in my career, providing exceptional coaching, encouragement and powerful insights to help propel me forwards and boost my self-confidence.
Technical expertise, skills and experience takes you to a certain point, but corporate success requires an entirely different skillset and a level of insight that is difficult to access without support. I have coached hundreds of women over the past decade to achieve corporate success. Would you like to join them? Just reach out.