Just as there are many myths about coaching, there are many coaching philosophies and approaches. My philosophy is very simple: results. That’s it!

Would you hire a coach if you didn’t think you could get practical, measurable, tangible results? My clients have different results that they’re looking for to grow their businesses or to meet their goals. The desired results can be anything:

  • Revenue increases
  • A cleaner, more streamlined business structure
  • Clarity around specific stumbling blocks
  • Increased confidence in specific situations
  • A clear path through tricky or complicated decisions
  • Strategies for difficult conversations
  • Accountability
  • Personal growth and development

There are so many different reasons to engage a coach, but at the end of the day, you want action, and you want results, practical results that you can actually quantify. Am I right?

My work as a coach is focused on ensuring women have what they need to be fulfilled, excited and engaged with their working lives. Why? Because it has an indisputable flow on to their broader lives. Whatever their role, my goal for my coaching is for women to feel energised by their work and clear about what success means to them. Our work together is based on practical, logical next steps to create momentum which leads to progress, progress which leads to success, regardless of how it is defined.

My coaching services are based on:

  • Continual growth and learning
  • Focus on action and results that are clearly linked to a person’s strengths, desires and goals
  • Delivering truth through clarity, even if it’s not what somebody wants to hear
  • Finding the joy, kindness, fun and happiness along the way.
Did you know that over 85% of people worldwide hate their job? I think this is a truly horrifying statistic because I believe that everyone should be doing work they love. Are you one of the 85%? I offer a free 20 minute discovery call to help you gain clarity and see how I can be of support.  For more information about working with me, please contact me.