Thriving women

for Microsoft


The Thriving Women program for the Microsoft partner community powered by Emma McQueen is for women in business. It’s for women who work within an organisation, in middle or senior management or in leadership and wish to bring clarity and direction to both themselves personally and to their business unit, departments or organisation. It’s for women who wish to step into their potential and do it with a group of women all cheering for them.

My Thriving Women program was born from my passion for community over competition. Through my coaching work I noticed that not only were clients looking for a coach, but many were looking for connection and professional development and learning opportunities.

I wanted to create a program that facilitates women both giving and receiving support and collegiality, a community where amazing women can connect, be inspired and learn.

This program is ideal for you if:

  • You are a people manager aspiring to a larger leadership role;
  • You feel you have more potential that could be unlocked given the right support;
  • You are working within an organisation in a middle or senior role and want to progress your career;
  • You have huge goals for your career and know that you need to combat that pesky inner critic, learn to influence or be a better leader.

From Your Lead Facilitator

“I truly, wholeheartedly believe in the potential of women. I’m the mother of three daughters and I’m someone who is a proud member of the glass-half full brigade. I can’t possibly believe in any other alternative than women doing work they love. Each person has a glass that is always full of hopes, doubts, results, failures and successes, yet they love drinking their cocktail because they choose what goes into their glass. They are in control”

WHAT’S Included?

Here’s what’s included in this 10-month program running from February to November 2021:

1:1 Coaching Sessions

4 Individual sessions 

Live Masterclass

4 x 90 Minute sessions


3 x Discussions

Live Masterclass

1 session with leaders and sponsors



Peer to peer connection, celebrate, learn and get inspired.


 Passion and Purpose

Confidence and Resilience

Who is in your network

Managing Mindset and motivation


Melitta Hardenberg

“I wanted someone who would call me on my bullshit, really challenge me. I wanted a network I could connect with, my own tribe, a cheer squad, hold the mirror up, high calibre of amazing women. If you want to accelerate and get results quickly I don’t think you can look anywhere else”

There is no need to go it alone. Want connection, coaching and inspiration?

Thriving Women is for you.