When I think of Emma as a person, I think of a hard-working, driven mentor, that is authentic and always able to see the big picture and cut through any bull. When I think of Emma as a coach I think of someone not scared to ask hard questions that have forced me to reflect on what’s really holding me back in my career and life goals. I came to coaching slowly and with some scepticism. I had thought, ‘Why pay someone to tell me what I already know?’ I felt I just needed to motivate myself. Well, I tried to do the work myself for a few years and felt like I was going backwards. I was struggling to get that lift in my career and I was beginning to lose confidence in my ability. So, I decided to bite the bullet and try it out. Now, I’m fully converted. Within just three months Emma had lifted my game and I’d found a new job, a role I wouldn’t have dreamed of applying for four months earlier and I’m now working with Emma to become the awesome leader I know I can be! If you’re looking for that lift up, I advise you to book in a time to chat with Emma to see where you need to start.