About Emma McQueen

I truly, wholeheartedly believe in the potential of women. I’m the mother of three daughters and I’m someone who is a proud member of the glass-half-full brigade. I can’t possibly believe in any other alternative than women doing work they love.

I’ve always been fascinated by human behaviour, so much so that I made it my career. As a human resources leader and executive coach, I have over 20 years experience in recruitment, human resources and leadership development across the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, as well as the realm of small business.  As a Hogan-accredited coach, I’m a massive advocate of personality profiling and of identifying strengths, and I love to tap into this knowledge of ourselves for reaching our full potential.

The women I work with often surprise themselves more than they ever surprise me. You see, as an optimist I have a knack for seeing the possibilities everywhere, even when people can’t see the possibilities themselves. Actually, it’s more than a knack; I’m qualified and highly experienced in performance management and coaching.

I have worked with some of Australia’s leading organisations, both blue chip and not-for-profit to develop their teams and their talent.  The success of any organisation depends entirely on the success of their people.  After over two decades working with people, I know the power of effective coaching and the impact it has on a person’s performance and of course their overall wellbeing. There are so many people out there doing wonderful things, and I simply adore being the person who high fives them as they smash their goals, get the results they deserve and exceed their own expectations.

I love working with women who are driven and passionate about their work and need some guidance to feel empowered. Coaching women to achieve incredible results is my professional and personal sweet spot, because my work is fulfilling and plays to my strengths. My passion and purpose are aligned, and so Monday morning is something I embrace with excitement, hence my tagline- be enthusiastic, optimistic and energetic every day!

Would you like to explore working with me? Let’s do this!